Podcasts for Foodpreneurs

Podcasts are a great way to learn-on-the-go and capitalize on potentially wasted time – think commuting, deep cleaning the kitchen, folding socks, etc.  Most phones have a podcast player that can download new podcasts, so you don’t even need an internet connection (or your precious cellular data) to listen.

Here are some great podcasts about food and shared use kitchens.

Kitchen Convos comes from the Incubator Kitchen Collective. They focus on food businesses and shared-use kitchens. There’s a wide range of topics covered, but I like the early episodes where the host goes on tour.

Food Sleuth Radio takes a step back and looks at the food system from a nutrition and agricultural perspective. This podcast features interviews with experts.

Gastropod looks at food from a historical and scientific perspective. This podcast is made by two journalists and definitely has polish. I loved the deep dive into koji.

A Taste of the Past is similar in topic to Gastropod, but focuses on food culture and history to a greater extent. This post about the foods eaten by historical figures looks especially good.

Edible Alpha is a podcast by the Food Finance Institute and focuses on the nuts and bolts of building a food business.  Lots of interesting discussions with folks on the ground, building businesses.  This came to my attention when they interviewed the FEED Kitchens manager about financial sustainability.

Small Food Biz’s podcast also tackles the many questions that food business founders face. They cover a wide variety of topics, from food trucks to crowdfunding to making the most out of your shared-use kitchen.

Which food and kitchen podcasts do you enjoy? Let us know and happy listening.

-Dan the Technology Gnome


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