Compliance is no longer a 4-letter word

By: Meghan King, Director of Client Relations for The Food Corridor 

Tracking expiration dates for business licenses and product insurance has long been a necessary evil. If a kitchen client’s insurance expires but they are still cooking in your kitchen, that is a risky situation you don’t want to find yourself in. Like you, we hate mounds of paper and keeping track of countless documents, just to stay safely in compliance.

That’s why we created a system that does the heavy lifting for you.

The Food Corridor allows kitchens and their clients to upload any document, plug in an expiration date, and let the platform send timely notifications before they expire, providing plenty of time to get a license or insurance renewed.

Expiration reminders are sent to both the kitchen admin and the client 45 days, 2 weeks, and 3 days before a document is set to expire. Plus, at any time, kitchens can access one handy view for all their clients’ documents.

Taking it a step further, The Food Corridor lets you and your clients upload as many documents as you’d like, to help you stay organized and access everything in one easy place.

For clients

  • Verification documents – for compliance and expiration tracking
    • Food Handler/ServSafe Certificate, food business license, insurance
  • Listing documents – to market their product on their public listing
    • Examples: menu of products, food truck schedule, promotional materials
  • Private documents – to keep private records in one place
    • Examples: articles of incorporation, bylaws, drivers’ licenses of business partners


For kitchens

  • Membership documents – for just you and a client to add and access
    • Examples: signed kitchen contract or agreement, certificates, leases, licenses, sales data
  • Common documents – for clients to access (or, for you to market your kitchen on your listing or for your own private access.)
    • Examples: kitchen map, price sheets, contact lists, cleaning schedules and procedures, equipment usage instruction, blank contacts, policy and procedure manuals, promotional materials


Who knew compliance and document management could be so easy?

What other documents are you adding to your kitchen or asking your clients to add?

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