Announcing: Food Safety Guidelines for Incubator Kitchens

In response to the rise in the number of shared kitchens across the country, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) recently developed and released, “Guidelines for Incubator Kitchens.” Aimed at state and local food safety regulators, the guidance is an important step in codifying the shared kitchen model and assisting regulators responsible for regulating incubator kitchens and their unique operations.

“This document provides current best practices and guidance for government food protection regulatory officials with the responsibility of regulating incubator kitchens and its operations.”

The guidelines specify the roles and responsibilities for the commercial kitchen owner, the licensed operator, and the food protection regulatory official. A separate section outlines food safety controls for consideration, including being licensed, maintaining records, and providing storage and requiring food safety training.

A final section provides images to outline the evolution of the shared kitchen since the 1900’s. My, have things changed.

You can see the full document here.

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