Top 10 Denver Kitchens

Are you a food business looking for a shared-use kitchen in the Denver, CO metro area? Let us help match you with your kitchen soulmate. Below are a few of our top picks for Commercial Kitchens in Denver, CO. To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in Denver, check out The Kitchen Door.

  1. Kitchen Network – 4986 Morrison Rd, Denver, CO
    With 11 private commercial kitchens, 2,500 square foot commissary and 12,000 square foot facility, Kitchen Network Commissary is Denver’s longest running shared kitchen incubating approximately 170 specialty food businesses each year. If you need to bottle your product this is the kitchen for you.
  2. Christie’s of Genesee – 25918 Genesee Trail Rd, Golden, CO
    Specializing in wedding coordination and hosting, Christie’s of Genesee features onsite parking, WiFi, 24/7 access, an event space, and is food truck friendly.
  3. Mile High Commissary – 1670 Jasper St. Unit H, Aurora, CO
    Described as a “Cozy space to meet with friends”. This kitchen is open 24/7 and when she is in town you will be greeted by the friendly owner, Linda Jesse. Although, a little hard to find at first you will be pleasantly surprised by the space located in Aurora so there is plenty of parking.
  4. Denver Commissary – 3600 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO
    The largest commissary in Denver specializes in ample parking, storage, and prep space for food trucks. This large kitchen can facilitate hundreds of food businesses.
  5. Commissary 5280 – 800 E. 73rd Ave., Denver, CO
    This food production commissary kitchen provides space and equipment for catering preparation, food trucks, co-packing, and manufacturing. It features a food truck water filling station, 20-quart batch freezer for ice cream manufacturing, and a specialized equipment storage area.
  6. INGATHER Sensory Research Facilities – 1614 15th Street, Suite #100, Denver, CO
    Whether it’s new menu item testing, a beverage triangle test or a product party, INGATHER offers both consumer and commercial kitchens as well as break-out focus group rooms. It’s the ideal space for testing both quality and quantity.
  7. Bowbea’s – 7130 W. 117th Ave. Unit D3, Broomfield, CO
    A brand new space due to open in December offers shared kitchen space for up to 10 food businesses. A few lucky makers will even get there own prep space to rent. This kitchen also offers a gluten-free space as Bowbea’s products are made here!
  8. Back to Basics Kitchen – 1480 West Midway Boulevard #2, Broomfield, CO
    Founded in its current form in 2011, BBK has allowed the team to alchemize a wide variety of education, nutritional training and cooking styles into a comprehensive whole. The space specializes as a bakery, health food restaurant, and gluten-free kitchen.
  9. Spindle Kitchen – 970 Yuma Street, Denver, CO
    Spindle Kitchen caters to artisan bakers, specialty foods, caterers, and packaged food producers. Time can also be used to host cooking demonstrations or company parties, schedule meetings in the conference rooms, and collaborate with other handmade industries from the adjacent workshop.
  10. Colorado Kitchen Share – 4897 Oakland Street, Denver, CO
    In addition to affordable kitchen share spaces, Colorado Kitchen Share also offers assistance with labeling, packaging, barcodes, nutritional calculations, marketing, & other areas.

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