Top 10 LA Shared Kitchens

If you are a growing small food business looking for the perfect place to land, see our top ten recommendations for shared kitchens in Los Angeles, CA. To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in LA, check out

  1. Crafted Kitchen – 672 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA
    A state-of-the art facility, housed in a fully restored 95-year-old brick warehouse, Crafted Kitchen is designed to give small food businesses access to the space, resources, and business skills they need in order to make their culinary dreams a reality. With a variety of kitchen formats available, Crafted Kitchen provides Los Angeles-area food entrepreneurs with room to grow.
  2. The Kitchen Terminal – 2617 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA
    This 4,000 sq ft warehouse facility is comprised of 5 commercial kitchens – 1 bake kitchen and 4 cold prep tables – and is available to rent 24 hours a day. TKT is a premiere commercial kitchen rental facility that provides first class, efficient, and professional commercial kitchens and food prep space to small business owners, caterers, & food truck companies. TKT is committed to providing a platform for your business to create a solid foundation, which includes small business services, marketing and educational events and seminars.
  3. Kitchen United – 55 South Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA
    Kitchen United offers restaurants a top-tier food production facility combined with insights and ideas on how to profitably expand into the food delivery business. For high-volume commissary businesses, KU offers commercial kitchen space, business intelligence, and resources to succeed with minimal risk and capital outlay. Kitchen United Pasadena is comprised of 12,000 square feet of fully equipped kitchen space, infrastructure, and BOH storage facilities.
  4. LGIKitchen – 3519 West Commonwealth Ave Suite L, Fullerton, CA
    LGIKitchen is a licensed commercial space certified for food production where aspiring entrepreneurs can build great food companies. Renters can use the kitchen by the hour or day to produce food while fulfilling regulatory compliance. Food entrepreneurs, ranging from chefs, caterers, food truck proprietors, bakers and value-added producers, can benefit from the shared kitchen rather than spending capital to build or lease their own facility. LGIKitchen provides additional services like business development, access to food vendors, development of nutritional values for products, packaging, label printing and distributions.
  5. Fishburn Kitchens – 1539 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA
    This shared commercial kitchen facility is just east of downtown LA and has 17 wholesale, single-tenant units that have their own separate sinks, hoods, utilities, etc., and can be leased long term. They can be certified kosher, gluten free, etc. Ample parking is provided for food trucks, vans, or trailers.
  6. Chef’s Kitchens – 1716 South Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
    These five private commercial kitchens are located on Robertson Boulevard in West Los Angeles in one large building. The space offers chefs, cooks, caterers, restaurateurs, photographers, and production crews the opportunity to have part-time commercial kitchen use and are available 24/7/365. Chef’s Kitchens have been used by farmer’s market product vendors, personal chefs, event and corporate caterers, chefs doing recipe testing for their new restaurants and for cooking classes– both professional chef training as well as teaching gourmet or ethnic cooking for home.
  7. Fulton Kitchens – 7333 Fulton Ave North Hollywood, Hollywood, CA
    Fulton Kitchens, LLC offers health department and wholesale approved private, commercial kitchens for rent on an annual basis. There are 20 kitchen units that include hoods, wash, prep and 3-comp sinks, grease interceptor, heavy power and floor sinks as well as walk-in cooler/freezer access, office space, and more. The space is perfect for caterers, meal-prep companies, virtual restaurants and food entrepreneurs.
  8. Chefs Center of California – 45 North San Gabriel Blvd, Pasadena, CA
    Chefs Center of California includes 2,000 square feet of shared commercial kitchen space available for rent. Chefs Center provides professional culinary business development services for entrepreneurs who want to start or expand a food-based business. In addition to workshops, Chefs Center offers one-on-one counseling with industry experts to further the development of your business plan, marketing, social media, and all the other activities.
  9. enFuso Commercial Facility – 4458 Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos, CA
    This facility is fully approved by the city and certified by the county as a baking-only commercial kitchen. The space offers free storage space for one standard size wheeled storage rack to businesses who see themselves as long term users. Available equipment includes revent commercial baking oven, two large commercial mixers, prep sink, 3 compartment sink, and large workspace perfect for packaging. The kitchen does not handle any meat products and does not have a cook-top or a grease trap.
  10. The BLVD Kitchen – 13545 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA
    BLVD Kitchen is a large, bright, beautiful, and fully-equipped catering kitchen. Kitchen rental is available by the hour, day, week, or longer. The space is also set up to host private dinners, tastings, pop-up events, recipe testing, film shoots, social, and corporate events.

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