The Food Corridor Launches Its First 2021 Food Business Rental Report

Find out who is on the hunt for shared-use or incubator kitchens and take your shared-use kitchen to new heights.

It is no surprise that the food industry had to be nimble in order to survive the shocks of 2020. With evolving regulations and consumer expectations, delivery-only models and ghost kitchen concepts stepped into the forefront and made up the rules as they went.  

  • In response, The Kitchen Door, a search engine for finding and booking available commercial kitchen space, saw massive growth in the number and types of kitchens becoming available. At the same time, the site witnessed a growing number of food business entrepreneurs searching for legal and affordable commercial kitchen space to start and redefine businesses. Based on this intriguing data, The Food Corridor is excited to release the publication of its latest report: Shared-Use Kitchen Insights in the U.S.: Food Businesses

This landmark report provides critical data from January 2020 to December 2020, highlighting the types and varying needs of food-related businesses searching for space. In addition, this report zeros in on trends among the businesses that currently operate out of shared-use kitchen facilities. 


Access to infrastructure is changing the economy, and the use for shared space utilization is becoming commonplace. Shared-use commercial kitchens are an important piece to the food ecosystem puzzle as they streamline food businesses locally within our communities. The Shared-use Kitchen Data Insight into the US: Food Business Report offers food entrepreneurs and business experts the knowledge needed to further expand. 

The Food Corridor and The Kitchen Door are uniquely positioned between an active, nationwide community of shared-use kitchen owners and food entrepreneurs both using and seeking space. The report takes a deep dive into monthly leads sent to rental kitchens in 2020, as well as the various stages of growth — pre-venture, part-time, and established food businesses. The insights from this exclusive data equip shared-use kitchens with best practices to efficiently plan for, identify, and manage quality food business leads. In addition, this report evaluates the types of food-related businesses that are most commonly associated with shared-use kitchen facilities. 

This report helps to answer questions that have never before been researched, such as:  

  • What types of businesses are searching for shared-use kitchen space? (e.g. meal preppers, food trucks, bakers etc.)
  • What are pre-venture, part-time, established, or new businesses searching for in terms of shared kitchen space?
  • How often do food-related businesses get matched with kitchens?
  • How has COVID impacted demand in the industry? 
  • How do kitchens support new food businesses and identify quality leads?

These answers will help you:

  • Plan kitchen equipment purchases
  • Refine your programming
  • Plan ahead for seasonality and emerging trends
  • Adopt best practices to better move leads through your funnel
  • Develop and streamline kitchen onboarding resources
  • Strategically expand
  • And more

Furthermore, the report also includes bonus material — a customizable commercial kitchen application — that can be used for screening new renters to shared-kitchen facilities. The application includes sections for contact information, business information, operational and kitchen-use needs, demographic information, and required supplementary materials. This tool can help operators effectively attract, leverage, and convert more renters.

Be on the cutting edge for the latest Food Industry trends

If you are a food entrepreneur, a business expert, or a public sector leader, this report provides profitable value for you and your business. By understanding the demand for shared-use kitchen space, you can better equip your company with strategic next moves. 

The price for this unique resource is $149, only a fraction of the potential revenue you will see from attracting and converting new business growth. Get your copy today!

The Food Corridor

Shared-Use Kitchen Data Insights in the US: Food Businesses

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