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September 1, 2016 Food Business Tips
So you want to start a food business? By Dan Moore
Starting a food business shares a lot with starting any other business. There’s all manner processes that are the same: sales, market research, accounting, hiring, insurance, and taxes, to name a few. Of course the product is unique, but if you spend all your time on the product, your business will fail. To paraphrase a
August 25, 2016 News & Announcements
Time to Apply! 2017 Food+City Challenge Prize By Ashley Colpaart
Last year, The Food Corridor pitched our business to a panel of esteemed judges and a room full of food enthusiasts and we were thrilled to take home the Silver Prize at the 2016 Food+City Challenge Prize. For us, the real win for us was becoming part of the Food+City family who continues to nourish our
August 17, 2016 News & Announcements
Stick It Food Truck Wins The Food Corridor Survey Drawing By Rachael Miller
Congratulations to Stick It, LLC ! They’re a Flushing, MI-based food truck, specializing inkabobs and can often be found at the Flint Farmer’s Market, as well as other events around MI. The Food Corridor stays on the forefront of shared use kitchen happenings so we recently sent out a survey. We asked food businesses in our network about their greatest
August 12, 2016 Uncategorized
The Power of Shared Use Kitchens By Rachael Miller
We’re living in a renaissance of locally crafted food. Consumers are increasingly looking beyond banal, industrially produced food stuffs and towards artisanal products with distinct flavors and a local story to tell. The path from recipe book to grocery store shelf is more direct than ever with the help of shared use kitchens – these
August 5, 2016 Kitchen Spotlights
Kitchen Feature: Colleton Commercial Kitchen By Rachael Miller
We recently caught up with Matt Mardell,  Kitchen Program Manager at Colleton Commercial Kitchen in the rural coastal region of Walterboro, South Carolina. Colleton is also a new client of The Food Corridor  and they’ve been integral to our product launch discussions. Tell us a little about Colleton Commercial Kitchen The kitchen launched after the Institute for
August 3, 2016 Community
Partner Feature: Condiment Marketing Co. By Rachael Miller
At The Food Corridor, we know that Partners are essential to fostering a more robust food system. Hey – we can’t do it all and neither can you. We also know that when food businesses are successful, shared-use kitchens are successful. In our Partnership blog series, we will introduce you to our formal Partners that
July 5, 2016 Uncategorized
On Taking the Leap – Why be a Foodpreneur? By Rachael Miller
Here at The Food Corridor, we know that good food comes from good people – which is why we’re excited to introduce Adam Pollack, founder of Joyloop Foods. Joyloop makes “…veggie products that are simple to prepare and a joy to eat.” Adam regularly writes about food and entrepreneurship on his Medium page.  One of his
May 29, 2016 News & Announcements
Have you been on the Network of Incubator & Commissary Kitchens (NICK) Facebook page lately? We’ve seen several questions come up regarding crowdfunding as a source of startup or expansion funds. In addition to chatting with some kitchens who have run successful campaigns, we found out that Lakeview Kitchen and Market is running a Kickstarter
May 24, 2016 Kitchen Spotlights
Jennifer Miller is Kitchen Manager at the newly expanded Frankenmuth Farmers Market. In addition to the usual vendors and operations of a traditional farmers’ market, they’ve turned their space into a full-service, entrepreneur-supporting operation in Frankenmuth, MI. The new complex boasts a vendor’s pavilion, a gathering barn fit for special events like concerts and educational
November 19, 2015 Uncategorized
Cloud Kitchens? Delivery Startups Look To Infrastructure for Support By Ashley Colpaart
The food delivery craze is continuing to grow in the U.S. and India. In the U.S, more restaurants have been able to expand delivery services through an explosion of third-party companies like leaders GrubHub and Seamless. Newcomers include Door Dash, DeliverHero and Postmates, the latter of which uses drivers as well as messengers on foot
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