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December 13, 2018 Blog
The shared kitchen model, emerging and evolving By Ashley Colpaart
Shared kitchens and kitchen incubators play a unique and vital role in food and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country. Shared kitchens are licensed commercial spaces that provide a pathway for food entrepreneurs—ranging from chefs, caterers, food truck operators, and bakers, to value-added producers and packaged food and beverage makers—to launch and grow their businesses. By
December 6, 2018 Blog
Top Dallas Kitchens By Lindsey Richardson
Need a new place to call your kitchen home in Dallas, TX? Below are a few of our top picks for Commercial Kitchens in Dallas. To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in Dallas, check out Perfect Temper Kitchen – 6900 Alma Dr #140, Plano, TX Perfect Temper Kitchen has the commercial
November 19, 2018 Blog
5 Reasons to use a Shared-Use or Commissary Kitchen By Ashley Colpaart
Starting a food business is hard work. One of the first barriers a food entrepreneur will face is trying to find a commercial place or commissary kitchen to produce food legally. Fortunately, in the last 5 years, there has been significant growth in the number of shared-use kitchens available. Resources like the Shared Kitchen Toolkit and
November 5, 2018 Blog
NICK Feature Question: Where do you purchase your commercial equipment? By Lindsey Richardson
The Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (NICK) is the largest network of shared kitchen professionals sharing their knowledge and insights daily. Below is a summary of a recent conversation regarding establishing a new kitchen near a competitor. Answers may have been edited for readability. Question: Where do you purchase your commercial equipment? Do you
August 5, 2018 Blog
You’re Invited! Register now for the 2018 NICK Summit By Rachael Miller
Which shared kitchens models are most effective? How does pricing for storage work? Who pays for cleaning supplies? The list of questions for kitchen managers goes on. Here at The Food Corridor, we’ve found the most effective learnings come from industry peers. Our Network for Incubator & Commissary Kitchens (NICK) group has been going strong for
August 3, 2018 Blog
NICK Featured Question: Measuring Metrics for Kitchen Impact By Ashley Colpaart
The Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (NICK) is the largest network of shared kitchen professionals sharing their knowledge and insights daily. Below is a summary of a recent conversation about measuring kitchen impact, edited for readability. Question “We are evaluating our metrics for tracking the success of our kitchen… Do you have measures for tracking
August 2, 2018 Blog
Shared Kitchen Roundup – July 2018 By Ashley Colpaart
So many exciting things are happening in the shared kitchen world. We don’t want you to miss a thing. While we select stories to share in our monthly newsletter, we just don’t have space for them all! Here are some highlights. The Food Corridor Features Like the rise in co-working spaces, I predict a rise
July 9, 2018 Blog
Introducing The Kitchen Door – find a shared kitchen near you By Rachael Miller
At The Food Corridor, our mission is to enable efficiency, growth and innovation in local food. Since our launch, we’ve done this through our kitchen management software that helps kitchen managers better operate all the moving parts of a shared commercial kitchen. This month, we are excited to launch our newest app, The Kitchen Door. On
July 6, 2018 Blog
Compliance is no longer a 4-letter word By Rachael Miller
By: Meghan King, Director of Client Relations for The Food Corridor  Tracking expiration dates for business licenses and product insurance has long been a necessary evil. If a kitchen client’s insurance expires but they are still cooking in your kitchen, that is a risky situation you don’t want to find yourself in. Like you, we
June 21, 2018 Blog
Partnering with Farmers Markets By Rachael Miller
At the heart of a shared-use kitchen is community and connection. This connection comes from working, sweating, eating, celebrating and sometimes crying together. Without this connection the potential for failure in the industry can be high. Recently, a planned incubator kitchen in Amsterdam was swapped out for a restaurant because there wasn’t a strong “network