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February 2, 2018 Blog
Goodbye Josephine, We Appreciate You By Rachael Miller
The food tech startup community is small, and when one of the major innovators closes, we all feel loss. Today, we say farewell to Josephine. While Josephine was a competitor to The Food Corridor, we shared a similar mission to enable efficiency, growth and innovation in local food. Josephine believed in enabling home cooks to produce food for sale.
February 1, 2018 Blog
News & Resource Blast By Rachael Miller
So many exciting things are happening in the shared-use kitchen and foodpreneur worlds. We don’t want you to miss a thing. While we select stories to share in our monthly newsletter, we just don’t have space for them all! Check our blog regularly for news and resource links, with content from around the world. Collabatition:
January 17, 2018 Blog
Podcasts for Foodpreneurs By Dan Moore
Podcasts are a great way to learn-on-the-go and capitalize on potentially wasted time – think commuting, deep cleaning the kitchen, folding socks, etc.  Most phones have a podcast player that can download new podcasts, so you don’t even need an internet connection (or your precious cellular data) to listen. Here are some great podcasts about
January 10, 2018 Blog
Shared-Use Kitchen Trends for 2018 By Rachael Miller
Have you met NICK? The Network for Incubator & Commissary Kitchens is a group of of 900+ shared-use kitchen professionals who exchange best practices, frustrations, problems solved and often, words of encouragement. We asked the NICK for their 2018 kitchen goals. Here are some of the emerging trends we’ll see in more kitchens this year,
January 9, 2018 Blog
TFC Welcomes Business Development Specialist By Rachael Miller
How we’re committing to serving more kitchens across North America “I’m looking forward to working directly with our prospective kitchens and sharing all of the benefits we’re able to provide them and their food entrepreneurs/clients.” Our new team member, Chad Freedman, is leading Business Development and Sales Operations for TFC. With a background in buying restaurants’
December 27, 2017 Blog
Food Photography: revenue stream for shared use kitchens By Dan Moore
Food photography, a specialized form of commercial photography, can be a great source of revenue for commercial kitchens.  The reasons for digital image production abound: product features, education, celebrity chef and entrepreneur interviews and more! Who hasn’t been mesmerized by a Tasty or bon appétit video recently? Not only do videos and photos make food more appealing
December 6, 2017 Blog
TPSS Kitchen Awarded USDA Community Food Projects Grant By Rachael Miller
We love sharing good news from our kitchen community! Recently, TPSS Kitchen in Takoma Park, MD received a prestigious USDA Community Food Project grant. Funding a kitchen can be daunting and expensive. From programming to equipment to land and facilities; low or no-cost funds are a critical component of gaining a sustainable financial path forward. Read on to learn
November 27, 2017 Blog
Giving Tuesday – Double Your Impact By Rachael Miller
Here at The Food Corridor, we believe in giving back. Whether what we give is time, knowledge, money or code, we firmly believe in helping our community. Early on, we committed to Pledge 1% Colorado. In short, this means 1% of our 2017 profit goes towards a nonprofit of our choice. Which nonprofit? Glad you asked! We chose Wholesome Wave, an
August 31, 2017 Blog
Connecting Food Businesses With Local Farmers By Dan Moore
As an incubator or commissary kitchen, you provide needed safe, clean, and legal space in which food businesses can prepare their goods for sale.  However, depending on your business model, you can provide additional value with just a bit more work.  An easy way to do that is to help link the food businesses to
January 21, 2017 Blog
Startup Stories: Fundraising By Rachael Miller
The shared kitchen community is growing and it seems we hear of a new kitchen popping up somewhere in the country on a weekly basis. We reached out to a kitchen that is JUST getting started, to share some of their learnings about startup life as a shared kitchen. The Local Kitchen is Saskatoon’s first ever