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January 15, 2019 Blog
5 Reasons You Need The Food Corridor to Operate Your Shared Kitchen in 2019 By Lindsey Richardson
It’s a new year and that means a new opportunity to revamp your shared-kitchen operations. Why should you be wasting your time fumbling with paper invoices or manually scheduling (and rescheduling) clients when The Food Corridor can do it for you? Get back to doing what you do best and leave the rest to us!
December 31, 2018 Community
Free printed Shared Kitchen Toolkits are available for a limited time! By Lindsey Richardson
Purdue University, in partnership with The Food Corridor and Fruition Planning and Management has produced two manuals for shared kitchens to address the need for practical information in the fast growing area of shared commercial kitchens and kitchen incubators. Part of a USDA North Central SARE Research and Education Grant, both manuals provide critical guidance
November 7, 2018 News & Announcements
Don’t delay! By Ashley Colpaart
The Food Corridor is the go-to kitchen management tool for over 90 of the top shared-use kitchens in the country. It is built specifically to help kitchens streamline their scheduling, billing, and food business management. In fact, The Food Corridor saves kitchen operators on average 40 hours each week, while also helping them grow their revenue.
October 30, 2018 Community
Shared Kitchen News Roundup By Ashley Colpaart
So many exciting things are happening in the shared kitchen world and we want to bring you our news roundup. While we select stories to share in our monthly newsletter, we just don’t have space for them all! Shared Kitchen News Roundup Pilotworks closes leaving food businesses without kitchens On October 13, 2018, food business incubator, Pilotworks abruptly
October 5, 2018 News & Announcements
The 2018 NICK Summit By Lindsey Richardson
It’s almost time, folks! Our very first annual NICK Summit is completely sold out. We couldn’t be more humbled by the community of coordinators, sponsors, speakers, and attendees that have pulled together to make this event possible. If you’re attending, we’re excited to meet many of you in person for the first time in less
September 7, 2018 News & Announcements
Announcing: Food Safety Guidelines for Incubator Kitchens By Ashley Colpaart
In response to the rise in the number of shared kitchens across the country, the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) recently developed and released, “Guidelines for Incubator Kitchens.” Aimed at state and local food safety regulators, the guidance is an important step in codifying the shared kitchen model and assisting regulators responsible for regulating
August 21, 2018 Community
Shared Kitchen Roundup By Ashley Colpaart
You thought we were finished? Nope. So many exciting things are happening in the shared kitchen world that we had to continue to bring you our news roundup. While we select stories to share in our monthly newsletter, we just don’t have space for them all! The Food Corridor Features Calling all shared kitchens!  Have you
July 9, 2018 Blog
Introducing The Kitchen Door – find a shared kitchen near you By Rachael Miller
At The Food Corridor, our mission is to enable efficiency, growth and innovation in local food. Since our launch, we’ve done this through our kitchen management software that helps kitchen managers better operate all the moving parts of a shared commercial kitchen. This month, we are excited to launch our newest app, The Kitchen Door. On
March 6, 2017 News & Announcements
The Shared Kitchen Off-Season By Rachael Miller
NICK News Our Network of Incubator & Commissary Kitchens (NICK) is an ever-growing group of shared use kitchen professionals who share their learnings on a daily basis. Over 680 members have joined to exchange ideas, vent frustrations, learn from others, share resources, ask for insight, and help the kitchen community evolve. This NICK News series features
January 4, 2017 News & Announcements
Announcing the TFC Referral Program By Dan Moore
At The Food Corridor, we love our clients! We love getting our clients out of the office and back into the kitchen.  We love saving our clients time spent generating invoices and resolving scheduling conflicts.  We love when our clients say things like “this platform provides the most comprehensive set of tools and services in