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January 15, 2019 Blog
5 Reasons You Need The Food Corridor to Operate Your Shared Kitchen in 2019 By Lindsey Richardson
It’s a new year and that means a new opportunity to revamp your shared-kitchen operations. Why should you be wasting your time fumbling with paper invoices or manually scheduling (and rescheduling) clients when The Food Corridor can do it for you? Get back to doing what you do best and leave the rest to us!
November 7, 2018 News & Announcements
Don’t delay! By Ashley Colpaart
The Food Corridor is the go-to kitchen management tool for over 90 of the top shared-use kitchens in the country. It is built specifically to help kitchens streamline their scheduling, billing, and food business management. In fact, The Food Corridor saves kitchen operators on average 40 hours each week, while also helping them grow their revenue.
October 4, 2018 Kitchen Tips
10 Tips for Onboarding Clients By Meghan King
Changing the way you’ve always done things in your kitchen can sometimes be met by food businesses dragging their feet, because they’re used to a certain process. But fear not, kitchen hero. For kitchens new to The Food Corridor, onboarding your clients to a new system doesn’t have to be a battle. Below are 10
August 21, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: View client’s past bookings By Meghan King
Kitchen Admins can now view a client’s past space bookings from the client’s profile page. This will help Kitchen Admins quickly answer questions from clients about their time in the kitchen, verify specific bookings as well as monthly totals, and generally have faster insight into a client’s happenings in the kitchen. Kitchen Admins can filter
August 21, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: Revenue insight on storage reports By Meghan King
To help Kitchen Admins have greater insight into their revenue derived from storage rentals, we have added “Price Per Unit” and “Total” columns to the two storage reports: Client Storage and Storage Utilization. This will help Kitchen Admins make more informed decisions around pricing and planning for storage rental offerings.   At The Food Corridor,
August 20, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: ‘Select Client’ default in bookings By Meghan King
To help Kitchen Admins remember to assign a booking to a client, when creating a booking on that client’s behalf, the Kitchen Admin must now select an option in the dropdown field. The dropdown field will no longer default to “N/A (non billable).” This is to help prevent the easy mistake of forgetting to assign
August 20, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: Post your Daily View calendar publicly By Meghan King
The Daily View calendar is now accessible without needing to be logged in to The Food Corridor. This allows Kitchen Admins to more easily display the Daily View calendar on a big screen within the kitchen and/or link the calendar on the kitchen’s website. Just grab the direct URL by copying it from the Daily
August 20, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: Navigate between space calendars By Meghan King
Kitchen Admins can now seamlessly navigate from one space calendar to another, via a dropdown menu that displays all space calendars in the kitchen. When you’re viewing bookings in one space calendar, just click on the dropdown symbol to the right of the title, and choose which space you want to view next. Check out
August 20, 2018 Product & Features
New Feature: Hide declined or cancelled bookings By Meghan King
Food Businesses can now hide declined or cancelled bookings from displaying on their Bookings tab. This is especially useful for Food Businesses that have created a recurring booking stretching well into the future, that has since been declined or cancelled. This will help them avoid unnecessary clutter and allow the Food Business to focus on
July 6, 2018 Blog
Compliance is no longer a 4-letter word By Rachael Miller
By: Meghan King, Director of Client Relations for The Food Corridor  Tracking expiration dates for business licenses and product insurance has long been a necessary evil. If a kitchen client’s insurance expires but they are still cooking in your kitchen, that is a risky situation you don’t want to find yourself in. Like you, we