November 7, 2018 News & Announcements

Don’t delay!

Ashley Colpaart

The Food Corridor is the go-to kitchen management tool for over 90 of the top shared-use kitchens in the country.

It is built specifically to help kitchens streamline their scheduling, billing, and food business management. In fact, The Food Corridor saves kitchen operators on average 40 hours each week, while also helping them grow their revenue.

Who wants to spend time in the office, when you can be in the kitchen?!

But don’t just take our word for it…

  • “It handles 90% of my back office administrative tasks for me, and I have increased my sales by 60% in the last 11 months. The software has been a huge addition to our kitchen.” – Oceanside Commercial Kitchen
  • “The Food Corridor platform helps us manage more clients than our previous system. We were able to see a 50% growth in clients after moving onto TFC.” – Kindred Kitchen

So it is time to lock in 2018 prices before they go up!

In 2019 our prices are going up, but if you sign up and start your first month before January 2019, you’ll lock in 2018 prices for an entire year. Booyah! 

Next Steps:

  1. If you’d like to learn more about The Food Corridor, schedule a demo and we’ll show you how our system can impact your kitchen.
  2. If you’ve already had a demo, send us an email to, and we’ll talk through the next steps so you can lock in 2018 pricing!

We’d love to have you as part of The Food Corridor family. If you have any questions, are looking to sign up, or just want to chat with our friendly Gnomes, give us a shout and we’ll get back to you. Check us out at

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