May 31, 2017 The Food Corridor

The Food Corridor Turns One!

Rachael Miller

Happy Birthday to us! On June 1, 2016, we took a deep breathe and hit the “launch” button. It’s been quite the year since signing our very first kitchens – Evolved Kitchen,  Colleton Commercial Kitchen, The Food Innovation Accelerator at Kansas State University Olathe, and Flint Food Works. We are grateful for their early-stage faith in us!

Over the last 12-months, we’ve done a lot:

Thank you, thank you to our many supporters, clients, partners, advisors, friends, cheerleaders, families, the NICK, the Network for Food Business Entrepreneurs, and everyone else who has lent a hand. Thank you for coming along on the journey. 

Here’s to many more years of building kitchens, strengthening communities, creating jobs, supporting food entrepreneurs, and getting better food to more people! 

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