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THE FOOD CORRIDOR, LLC (“TFC”) is the first online marketplace for food businesses to connect with available commercial food assets. Food businesses can find and book commercial kitchens, equipment, commissaries, processors, co-packers and food storage spaces.

Commercial kitchen owners can more effectively utilize their assets, providing additional revenue streams to commissaries, schools, food banks, churches, restaurants and more.

TFC provides online booking, payment processing, disbursement, and reviews within a seamless, efficient marketplace. 



  Team: Dan Moore, Co-founder/CTO; Ben Nelson, Co-founder/CFO; Ashley Colpaart, Co-founder/CEO; Rachael Miller; Content Guru. 

Dan Moore, Co-founder/CTO; Ben nelson, co-founder/cfo; ashley colpaart, co-founder/ceo, rachael miller, content media maven (April, 2016) 







The Food Corridor is currently Beta testing and will be launching soon. Please connect with us via our newsletter, waiting list, or kitchen directory. We love to hear from you! 


Waiting for The Food Corridor to come to your city? Let us know and we will prioritize your city! Tell your friends to increase your vote. 

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The Network for Incubator & Commissary Kitchens (NICK) supports the food industry through sharing data, best practices, and technical assistance to build and grow successful shared-use kitchens businesses.

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