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The Food Corridor saves kitchen operators on average 45 hours each month while also helping them grow their revenue. Who wants to spend time in the office, when you can get back in the kitchen?!?



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8% Platform Fees

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2% or 4% Platform Fees

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per month

2% or 4% Platform Fees

First month free


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Custom plans and features for large kitchens with unique needs.


Exactly what you need to run your kitchen

All of our plans include the following:

Self-Serve Scheduling

Customizable Rates

Automatic Billing

Metrics & Reporting

Client Management

Equipment Reservations

Storage Management

Document Management

Digital Sign-in/Sign-out

Preferred Listing

Client Messaging

Customer Support


“The Food Corridor has saved us so much money in admin time and increased our ability to be hands-on with our clients. I used to spend hours on a murder mystery chase trying to track which payments applied to which dates. Now, renting the kitchen is pretty much on auto-pilot.”

-- Hannah, Portland Mercado Kitchen

“The level of customer service they provide is unbelievable, always returning emails in under 24 hours and most of the time within less than an hour! There really is no other platform out there that is this customized to the commercial rental kitchen industry. We are so happy to partner with them!“

-- Lauren, SAE Kitchen

“It handles 90% of my back office administrative tasks for me, and I increased my sales by 60% in the last 11 months. TFC has been a huge addition to our kitchen.”

-- Holli, Oceanside Commercial Kitchen

“The Food Corridor platform helps us manage many more clients than our previous system. We were able to see a 50% growth in clients after moving onto TFC.

-- Thomas, Kindred Kitchen

“I can’t sing the praises of your scheduling software enough! As you can probably see from our account activity and monthly revenue, we’re actively adding 7-10 new clients a month, and I don’t know how I would do it without The Food Corridor.”

-- Melissa, Vida Kitchens

“The Food Corridor platform allows me to stay out of scheduling and concentrate on helping current clients and looking for others to bring on board. I love that part of my monthly fee goes towards advertising…that’s helped me to brand my kitchen and reach out to new areas”

-- Lisa, Chiknegg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is best for me?

The Starter Plan is great for new shared kitchens that are just getting off the ground and want to establish their internal scheduling and billing systems.

The Professional Plan is best for shared kitchens that have more than 5 food business members and want to use The Food Corridor on a month-to-month basis.

The Annual Plan is great for established kitchens that have more than 5 food business members and process a consistent amount of money each month.

What are platform fees?

There is a platform fee based on the amount you charge your food businesses. The platform fee covers our ongoing costs of running the software, including transaction fees. The platform fee varies if the food business pays by ACH or PAD bank transfer (2%) or credit card (4%) or if you are on the Starter Plan (8%).

Who pays the platform fees? And how are they applied?

You decide how you want the platform fees paid. If you pay for the platform fees, then The Food Corridor will take out 2-8% of the payments your clients make to you. If you want to pass the fees on to your clients, then the platform fee will be added on top of what you charge them.

Is there an additional fee to get started? What onboarding support can I expect?

There are no additional fees for onboarding support or activation! All plans come with hands-on onboarding support from our friendly Gnomes, which includes: regular check-ins, bulk adding of client accounts, communication templates to use with your clients, a 1:1 onboarding call, and more. We also offer handy self-serve guides to help you easily get set up.

Is there a discount if I purchase for the year?

Yes! If you pay in advance for the year on the Annual Plan, we provide a 10% discount.

Is there a discount for nonprofits?

Yes! At The Food Corridor, our mission is to enable efficiency, growth, and innovation in local food. Because of that, if you are a non-profit kitchen, we provide a 15% discount. You must provide us with an active IRS 501c3 determination letter to receive the discount on your subscription. Please note: the discount does not apply to platform fees.

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