Manage Your Shared Kitchen With Ease

Grow your kitchen, even if you have a small staff! Allow self-serve scheduling. Automate your billing. And effortlessly manage your renters.

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You manage a bustling kitchen. The Food Corridor is built specifically for you!

Are you a commissary, community kitchen, incubator, or ghost kitchen? Or simply have available space to rent in your commercial kitchen? The Food Corridor (TFC) simplifies your scheduling, billing, and member management. All-in-one place.


Streamlined Scheduling

Stop answering all those phone calls, texts, and emails just so your food businesses can get on the calendar. With TFC, they can book time themselves.

Equipment Reservation

Your food businesses can easily reserve equipment at the same time they are booking a cooking space. No more fighting over the Hobart Mixer.

Stay in Control

Your food businesses can easily reserve time and equipment themselves. But don't worry - you always have the final say! How about off-peak hours? You betcha! Need to enforce a penalty for last minute cancellation? Done.

Effortless Billing

The Food Corridor integrates your scheduling and billing so getting paid doesn’t have to be a pain.

Automatic Billing

TFC generates bills for your clients by keeping track of and reconciling the time your clients spend in the kitchen. Is that more revenue in your pocket? Yes, it is.

Automatic Payments

With a payment method on file for each client, you’re no longer the “bad guy” chasing people down each month.

Powerful Client Management

We know you care about your food businesses. That’s why we empower you to support your clients while also fueling your cash flow.

Document Tracking

The Food Corridor alerts you when a client's compliance documents are about to expire, so you both stay in good graces with the health department.

Flexible Billing Plans

We understand that flexible billing is crucial to the success of your food businesses. That’s why TFC has you covered whether clients pay by the hour, the month, or some combination of the two.

Storage Management

Whether a client wants 2 racks of dry or a whole cage in the freezer, it's no sweat managing your storage inventory and making sure you get paid for it.

At a Glance Metrics & Reporting

See how your kitchen is performing so you can increase the profitability of your business.

Monthly Snapshot

At any point in the month compare your current revenue to last month, know your space utilization, see trends in hours booked, and so much more!

Detailed Reports

Whether it's revenue breakdowns or storage utilization, access the data you need to make informed business decisions with data reports.

This platform provides the most comprehensive set of tools and services in regards to payment and scheduling that are specific to running an incubator kitchen. There is not another platform that comes close to the functionality and custom feel of The Food Corridor.

Marianne, Director at Findlay Kitchen


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