Top 10 Ohio Shared Kitchens

Looking for your shared kitchen home in Ohio? Below are a few of our top picks for shared kitchens in Cincinnati, Cleveland, & Columbus. To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in Ohio, check out

Cleveland Area

Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen – 2800 Euclid Ave #150, Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen’s goal is to increase the success rate of local food businesses in Northeast Ohio through access to a fully equipped commercial kitchen for rent on an “as needed” basis. The kitchen quickens and improves the process of starting a food business by providing business support, mentorship/peer support, and networking opportunities. They also provide opportunities for connection and collaboration between individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Northeast Ohio local food web.

Prep Kitchen CLE – 1305 Washington Ave, Cleveland, OH
Based in the Flats neighborhood of downtown Cleveland, Prep Kitchen-CLE is a shared-use kitchen and incubator, designed to help meet production needs for already established food businesses, caterers, and entrepreneurs. Based on a proven model, Prep differentiates itself by providing value added services and relationships for its business tenants, further fostering their success. Prep Kitchen-CLE provides a full array of chef and prep equipment. Available for rent are the Chef’s Kitchen, Prep Kitchen, and Chef’s Table that can be rented by smaller groups and companies for private dinners.

Galley Group Cleveland – 1400 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH
Ohio City Galley is Cleveland’s food hall and restaurant accelerator featuring four unique restaurant concepts. Chefs operate their restaurants rent-free and fee-free for their entire stay. Galley Group collects a percentage of the top line revenue and in turn provides all marketing, advertising, equipment maintenance, space upkeep, and utility costs. Galley Group additionally supports the chef-owners in building their brands and encourages their future success in the industry by providing them with the resources to thrive.

The Hildebrandt Provisions Company Community Kitchen – 3619 Walton Ave, Cleveland, OH
The Hildebrandt Provisions Company is a repurposed meat packaging plant now used to support a variety of artists and entrepreneurs. With its industrial design and 160,000 square feet, there is space ranging from small lofts to large open floor plans. Several times a year, small events are hosted in the historic flat and doors are opened for the community to tour the different businesses. The community kitchen is a place which allows individuals and corporations to fulfill their culinary dreams and needs, outfitted with all essential tools and equipment needed for any modern day culinary entrepreneur. Many such food entrepreneurs call The Hildebrandt Provisions Company home, including meat processors, coffee roasters, and pop up restaurants

Columbus Area

The Food Fort – 737 Parkwood Ave, Columbus, OH
The Food Fort provides food entrepreneurs access to specialized training resources, marketing and sales assistance, 24/7 ongoing technical assistance, a fully-licensed commercial kitchen for cooking and baking needs, and food safety certification courses. Strategically located in a USDA “food desert,” the Food Fort gives its clients access to untapped markets and networks that help optimize employment opportunities. Featuring three full service kitchens, walk-in coolers and freezers, dry storage and prep areas, The Food Fort enables current and aspiring food business operators to develop their own unique culinary masterpieces, learn to market their businesses effectively, and network with other food-based entrepreneurs so they can establish their own successful businesses without substantial upfront investment.

1400 Food Lab – 1400 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH
1400 Food Lab is an incubator for start-up food businesses, a test kitchen for recipes and ideas, and a food experience center for everyone. 1400 Food Lab’s four hot-line kitchen stations are each equipped with hood, 6-burner range, convection and conduction ovens. One station also includes a 12-gallon steam jacketed kettle; another has room under the hood for specialty equipment. The six prep kitchen stations offer access to a wide range of equipment like 6, 20, and 40-quart mixers, dough sheeter, proof box, slicers, grinders, and more.

Phenix Banquet Center – 2101 Noe Bixby Rd, Columbus, OH
The Columbus Event Catering Services features a fully equipped commercial kitchen catering to a wide range of clients by providing an excellent place to host corporate events and meetings.The fully licensed kitchen includes a 10-burner stove, double ovens, grill, freezer, and walk-in cooler. Hosts and caterers are able to utilize the considerable amount of space on the stainless steel prep tables to prepare meals.

Cincinnati Area

Findlay Kitchen – 1719 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH
Central to the core values of Findlay Market is the desire to support and provide for the local community. More than simply a hub for fresh, local food, the Market drives economic activity, social interaction, and an inclusive experience for all. Findlay Kitchen builds on those principles, empowering and embracing the wealth of culture and diversity that is needed to advance and sustain a vibrant food ecosystem, right here in the heart of Cincinnati. Each kitchen will be setup somewhat differently to fit the needs of the members, being outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment, as well as the ability to reserve more specialized pieces.

Oakley Kitchen by Eli’s BBQ – 3715 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH
Coming soon! The former Duck Creek Antique Mall is being transformed into Oakley Kitchen, an incubator kitchen for aspiring food producers. Like a food hall, it  will be open to the public and include vendors offering snacks and tastings, food to go, plus food trucks and a bar. The kitchens for rent are on the first floor and there is a second floor for seating or for big events. There will be an outdoor patio with a firepit and spaces for three food trucks. Inside, there will be a bar with retail beer and wine sales.

Incubator Kitchen Collective – 517 W 7th St, Newport, KY
Incubator Kitchen Collective is a community-driven support system that combines resources, knowledge, and experience to help local food entrepreneurs succeed, by providing education, promoting food access, and offering support to kitchen members and the surrounding community. Members have full use of the commercial kitchen facilities and high-quality equipment, and will be part of a working community of like-minded foodpreneurs.

Others in the area

Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator – 907 Elm St, Youngstown, OH
The Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator is a shared-use commercial kitchen in Youngstown that aims to lower the cost for starting or expanding local food businesses. Rental rates vary depending on how often an individual wishes to use the kitchen and storage space is also available to rent at affordable prices. The incubator is open to producers interested in baked goods, catering, sauces and salsa, jams and jellies, canned goods, condiments, value-added produce, pasta, dry mixes, fruits and berries, beverages and other specialty or gourmet goods.

ACEnet Food Ventures Center – 94 Columbus Road, Athens, OH
The Athens Food Ventures Center houses the Central Kitchen, Thermal Processing Room, and Warehouse. The facility, utilized by approximately 65 food entrepreneurs annually, was among the first of its kind in the United States. ACEnet assists food businesses with business planning, marketing, regional brand access, financial management, and manages a shared-use kitchen, the Food Ventures Center.

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