2021 Shared-Use Kitchen Industry Report

The Food Corridor Launches the 2nd Edition of the Shared Kitchen Industry Report

Looking for reliable data about the emerging kitchen rental industry? Equip your business or organization with the latest trends.

In early 2020, as the pandemic first tightened its grip on the country, the role of shared commercial kitchens gained prominence. The spotlight shone on commercial kitchens as the champion for out-of-work food businesses who scrambled to find ways to produce and sell food to consumers. While commercial kitchen rental times significantly dropped in April and May, the industry quickly rebounded and new shared-use kitchen facilities opened. Furthermore, ghost kitchens and delivery-only models increased as they sought leverage on commercial kitchen space. 

As the nation’s leader in shared kitchen insights, The Food Corridor dug into the data from its two proprietary sites — The Food Corridor and The Kitchen Door — that see thousands of users on both sides of the shared kitchen industry.   

The Food Corridor is uniquely positioned between the supply and demand in this industry. Firstly, The Food Corridor is a convener of the nation’s largest network of shared-use kitchen owners and operators. The Food Corridor platform provides booking and operational management to hundreds of these shared-use kitchens. Additionally, the company’s sister site, The Kitchen Door, is the number one search engine for food businesses searching for shared-use kitchens to rent in the United States and Canada. 

The Food Corridor is excited to bring you findings and critical insights from the last two years of data. The 16-page 2021 Shared-Use Kitchen Industry Report will undoubtedly support your business plans, expansions, and infrastructure investments. 

Shared Kitchens, Charting the Future

Why shared kitchens? Shared-use and incubator kitchens play a vital role in our food ecosystem. They carve out a pathway for food-related businesses such as chefs, caterers, food truck operators, and bakers. By renting available space, the food industry proves that access to infrastructure may be more important than ownership. We saw these same trends happen in the transportation industry. 

Shared kitchen space can be rented hourly, daily or monthly, and businesses can produce and operate without the constraints and headache from owning their own kitchen. Moreover, by using shared-use and incubator kitchens, entrepreneurs become more readily compliant with regulatory requirements and escape the burden of upfront investments. 

The 2021 Shared-Use Kitchen Industry Report shows how an operator can better position themselves for the future of the food industry. This report arms active and aspiring kitchen operators and business experts with the insights to make timely and informed business growth decisions. Additionally, being on the cutting edge of an emerging industry prepares you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Find Your Next Move

As we navigate through the tail ends of COVID, we are reminded that the food industry is a resilient one. There are many areas to expand. The 2021 Shared-Use Kitchen Industry Report reveals in 16 pages where the kitchen growth and opportunity exist. 

Get answers to pressing questions, such as:

  • Who is looking for kitchen space?
  • Where should I launch a shared kitchen?
  • Which cities are hot spots for shared kitchens? 
  • How did COVID impact the industry?
  • Which area of the country should I expand to? 
  • How do rental rates compare nationally?

Is This Report For You? 

The purpose of the report is to equip your business with strategic knowledge and give you a competitive advantage. 

This report will be valuable to you if you are a…  

  • Current or aspiring shared-kitchen operator looking for intel on trends and industry best practices 
  • Public sector leader, searching for opportunities to leverage shared-kitchen infrastructure or build facilities within your community 
  • Food system leader hoping to gain understanding into shared-use and commercial kitchens trends
  • Business expert or consultant looking for emerging investment opportunities in the space

Whether you are opening a new shared kitchen, expanding to a new area, or just exploring the shared-kitchen industry, this report is your trusted source of information and data as you make business-critical decisions.

The price is $199 — a fraction of the potential additional revenue you will see by making the right decisions on how to move forward with your business. Click below to get your report today.

The Food Corridor

Shared-Use Kitchen Industry Report​

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