Run your kitchen at its best.

Are you prepared for a disaster in your shared kitchen? With the Shared Kitchen Operations Manual, you’ll avoid health department violations, lawsuits, mismanagement, and whatever else could come up. It’s the most comprehensive set of policies and procedures out there - based on the most successful shared kitchens in the industry.

Focus on growing your business. Not writing policies.

Creating your own policy and procedure documentation from scratch is like cooking Thanksgiving dinner without a meat thermometer. Don’t waste countless hours, searching the internet, hiring a consultant or using templates from unrelated industries. And after all that, how do you know you haven’t overlooked anything?

Be prepared for the issues that WILL come up.

Giving employees and members clear expectations not only builds a trusted culture, but it can also prevent:

Health Department Violations

Kitchen Downtime

Members Abusing the Space

Bad Press Coverage

Foodborne Illness Outbreak

Members Leaving Your Kitchen

Not to mention the other problems you might not have thought about yet. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Run your business like a seasoned pro, even if this is your first shared kitchen.

The Shared Kitchen Operations Manual will help you…

Easily Stay Compliant

Define clear hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tasks for your members and employees - all customizable to your space. With the Operations Manual, you know you’ll stay compliant.

Make Sure They're Ready

Ensure your members and employees are trained on how to handle any situation that comes up. They’ll know exactly what to do about: pest sightings, storage violations, chemical handling, smallwares usage, reordering supplies, and more.

Get Them Up & Running. Fast.

Establish everyone’s roles and responsibilities in the kitchen. You’ll clearly inform them how to book the kitchen, extend shifts, pay their bills, and more.

Ensure It Gets Done

The Shared Kitchen Operations Manual includes 16 logs and forms you’ll need in order to make sure your policies are actually being followed.

When we clearly set expectations for our members and staff, our Operations Manual saved us a ton of time, allowing us to focus on creating real value for our community.

Eric Holstein, Fork Food Lab

“It has been useful putting the whole picture together....It definitely has more than I would’ve considered putting in our kitchen’s operations manual.“

Jennifer Underwood, TPSS Community Kitchen

What is included in the Operations Manual?

The manual has over 107 pages of customizable policies, templates, forms, and guidelines on:


Make sure you don’t get shut down by the health inspector!

Health & Safety

Guidelines for how to manage sickness, food handling, and more.


Provide a safe environment for employees and members.

Emergency Plans

Disasters happen. Be prepared for whatever comes up!

Employee Policies

Helpful documentation for setting up employees for success.


Examples on how to handle your plans, fines, storage, and more.

Equipment & Maintenance

Equipment is essential. Ensure it gets treated with respect.

Onboarding Members

Have clear processes in place for bringing on new members.

Member Operations

Set expectations for how members should use your space.

Kitchen Operations

From closing the space to handling issues, they’ll know what to do.

Cleaning Procedures

Make everyone’s cleaning tasks clear and straightforward.

Logs & Forms

Make sure your policies actually get followed by your members.

Get the Shared Kitchen Operations Manual

Run your kitchen like a well-oiled Hobart!



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Shared Kitchen Operations Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about differences in local laws?

Throughout the 100+ pages of customizable policies and procedures, we’ve called out the specific areas you’ll need to tailor to fit your local laws. We promise no matter which state or county you’re in, the health department will love you!

How do I get an invoice for the operations manual?

If you can’t pay by credit card or would rather receive an invoice, send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll email you an invoice, and once paid, we’ll send you the Shared Kitchens Operations Manual directly.

Does this need to be reviewed by a lawyer?

Yes! Before adopting the policies outlined in your Operations Manual, we strongly encourage you to have the entire document reviewed by outside counsel, legal team and/or lawyer. The Shared Kitchen Operations Manual does not serve as legal guidance nor is this document a substitute for professional legal advice. The Food Corridor has not confirmed that the policies in this manual comply with the laws or regulations applicable to you. You can view our full disclaimer here.