Join us for The Shared Kitchen 101 Workshop!

Looking to expand your network and take your shared kitchen concept to the next level? Here’s your invitation to join us for a day-long Shared Kitchen 101 Workshop in sunny San Diego on Sunday, March 5th, leading up to InTents: The Farmers Market Conference 2023.

Shared kitchens and farmers markets have so much in common. They are hubs for local food entrepreneurs to access production facilities and markets to sell their products. In a 2021 survey of food businesses operating out of shared kitchens, farmers markets were the most commonly used sales channels, with over 50% responding that they sell at one or more farmers markets. Many farmers markets have their own shared kitchen program, or a strong relationship with one, to bridge this connection. In response to this relationship, many farmers markets are considering starting a shared kitchen project in their community. 

Whether you’re a market manager planning to open a shared kitchen, or a current kitchen manager interested in building your connection to farmers markets, this workshop is for you! We’ll hear from experienced kitchen and farmers market operators, as well as spend time on peer-to-peer activities and exercises that will get you to the next step with your kitchen program.

Topics will include project planning, understanding your market, identifying opportunities for your shared kitchen and resources available for shared kitchens at all stages.

Who is this for?

Community members or organizations interested in, charged with, or in the beginning phases of starting a shared use kitchen project. This workshop is designed to be a 101 introduction to the shared kitchen industry. 

What To Expect

In this Workshop, The Food Corridor team will walk attendees through emerging definitions and models of shared use kitchens, help communities identify opportunities for renters and programs, guide attendees through activities to begin planning goals and outcomes, and develop strategies and best practices for successful kitchen planning and launching. You’ll hear from existing shared kitchens that are connected to farmers markets and what makes them successful. Enjoy this networking opportunity to connect with other like-minded folks on this shared kitchen journey, just like you!

What You’ll Get

  • A printed copy of the Shared Kitchen Toolkit
  • A 15% off discount on the Shared Kitchen Operations Manual
  • Morning coffee and lunch catered by a San Diego-based shared kitchen 
  • Interactive exercises for planning and growing your kitchen program
  • Face-to-face networking with a community of like-minded current and future kitchen operators

Purchase Your Ticket

Tickets for the Shared Kitchen 101 Workshop can be purchased here. Ticket prices are $120, but you’ll receive $40 off if you sign up for both Shared Kitchen 101 and InTents: The Farmers Market Conference

Note that this workshop will be in-person at Marina Village Conference Center, there is not a virtual option.

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Join the Community!

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Whether you’re launching a new shared kitchen or refining existing operations, the Prep & Prosper Workbook is your compass. Glean expert guidance, data-driven insights, tangible tactics, and proven best practices from successful shared kitchen operations.