What You Need to Know About Commercial Kitchen Insurance

Are you covered if you’re renting a commercial kitchen and there’s a fire? What if you break some equipment? These things can be an afterthought but insurance should be a priority.

If you’re a budding food business owner and you can’t yet afford your own facilities then a commercial kitchen can be an economical and effective way to start and grow your business. When you rent a commercial kitchen, you will likely be required to carry insurance. The commercial kitchen will ask to be named as an additional insured on your policy to protect them and their property from your negligence. FLIP offers free, unlimited additional insureds, so you can cook at multiple commercial kitchens or vend from other locations.

Damage to Premises Rented To You

For example, if a fire starts while you are renting out a commercial kitchen and the facility is damaged, you could be held responsible. Without insurance, you could end up paying out tens of thousands of dollars and that kind of expense could hurt or destroy a small business.

Loss of Income Coverage

In addition to covered property damage, the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) also offers loss of business income coverage. This coverage may pay for your loss of income due to downtime from a covered loss. Depending on how long you are out of commission, this could be essential to keep your business up and running.

General Liability

Another very real risk is bodily injury or property damage such as a slip and fall incident by a guest or other user of the commercial kitchen. Let’s say you have a spill and someone slips resulting in an injury, you could be held liable.

Even if you aren’t found guilty, defending yourself in court is a very expensive endeavor and general liability coverage covers your legal defense costs.

Damaged Equipment

If your equipment is damaged and is a covered loss, then your business personal property coverage may respond. For only $299 you can get up to ten thousand dollars to replace your covered equipment.


Commercial kitchens are a great tool for budding food business owners, whether it’s food truck owners, bakers, independent chefs, or other food-related careers. Keeping your business protected is essential to continue to serve the food community. Visit FLIP today to purchase your insurance online 24/7.

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